Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chuck's Update!

Chuck's Update!

I've been talking with a very nice gentleman on Twitter lately! He's just the sweetest thing and he decided to become a member, which just tickles me pink! We've moved past Twitter a bit and have become email buddies as well, which is awesome! I love to get to know my fans and members. And I have to tell you something he told me that really made me glow - he said that one of the reasons he became a member was because even though we talked quite a bit, I had never asked him for that! You (and probably he, too) don't have any idea how good that makes me feel!

My thoughts on that are that if I interest you enough to part with your hard earned money, especially in these times, then I'm blessed to be able to share my fun with you! But if you aren't able to buy a membership or a cam show right now, well I can understand that too, and that doesn't mean you aren't worth my time!

Soooo, please don't think that I'm one of THOSE that wouldn't give you the time of day … Email me, Tweet Me, or YIM me! I'll answer!

Back to Chuck … he really liked the thought of me in pantyhose and even more that I would get myself off with the pantyhose still ON! When I saw this set of pictures I just KNEW that Chuck would definitely appreciate them and I am hoping you do too!


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