Thursday, April 2, 2009


Ok, I know you thought I forgot all about you since I haven't posted on here in what seems like forever! But I promise you I didn't! Life has just been super hectic lately!
I had company in town and that made for a few very long, but fun, nights! And of course, I am trying to get ready for my trip in Belize in just a few weeks! I am super excited! Anyone gonna be in Belize at the end of April? Let me know if you are!
But of course, the real fun of today's MY birthday! Probably won't do a TON of partying tonight, especially since I am still somewhat recovering from earlier in the week with the company! *wink* But going to see an awesome Celtic Rock band tomorrow night at a local bar, so I'm sure I will do my share of partying then!
Have you ever known someone that has a birthday that lasts for days, weeks even? Well, that is me! I have a birthday month, really! So the party will begin tomorrow and probably not end until the beginning of May! But don't worry, I will keep you updated and definitely get some pictures of all my adventures to share with you!
Hope you all have a great weekend!
Sweet Kisses

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