Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Southern Belle

Southern Belle

Now y'all know that I live in the south and Florida does have quite a few southern traits of its own.

Back in the day, the men were the providers and rulers of the house. While the women made sure to keep the house spotless, the kids under control and the meals on the table at the correct time.

Thank GOD it isn't like that anymore! One of the things that the women were expected to do was always be ready for her man and make sure that he was well taken care of, that is something I still believe in!

So here's me being my version of a southern belle - wear a dress so to accentuate your femininity however make sure that you are easily accessible. This dress is absolutely perfect for that - pull it down in the front if you desire my big tits and easy to pull up if you desire my creamy pussy or round ass!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sex Sex Sex

Sex Sex Sex

Is that all I think about? Is it all you think about? I'm not sure about you, but I know that I think about sex an awful lot. If it isn't remembering a great time at the gloryhole, or remembering the last time I got my pussy pounded until it was sore then it is trying to plan how to get someone to make my pussy scream the next time!

Sex is all around us and I want to be involved in it every way I can! I want the guy at the car wash to watch me talk and wonder what it would be like to have my lips wrapped around his hard dick. I want the lady at the grocery store checkout to look down my shirt at my tits and wonder how my nipples taste.

I've always just thought sex is what we are supposed to do, it helps makes us healthier people overall, mentally and physically, so why such a taboo? It's just SEX! CLICK HERE!

Monday, March 22, 2010

This Old Barn

This Old Barn

Not sure if you remember or not, but a couple updates back I was telling you about going for a ride and finding a really cool old barn to shoot with! Well this is actually the first set of pictures I did as soon as we pulled up!

Since I was unsure as to whether I would get caught with my pants down (heehee) I just jumped out of the truck and started shooting and didn't even change my clothes

So for all you lovers of "big old butts shoved in jeans too tight" - this one is for you! And of course, don't worry all my "big hooters" and my "wet pussy" lovers - there's something in here for you too! heehee CLICK HERE!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ya Think My Tractor's Sexy?

Ya think my tractor is sexy? Does it really turn ya on? Ohhh, yeah I always thought that song was kinda goofy too. I mean, really who thinks a tractor is sexy!?!

So I’m glad you were looking at me and didn’t even notice the tractor! It was fun to play with and on, though! And believe me when Farmer Brown goes to use his tractor the next time he is gonna have a big smile on his face! I left a little bit of myself ALL over his tractor! heehee

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Kristine Cumz

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ride in the Country

I took a ride in the country when the weather was a little warmer, looking for a place to shoot some pictures and what I found was a goldmine!

There was an old barn that just screamed to be used as a backdrop! I LOVE being outside and the thrill of getting caught always makes me that much more excited. This old barn was set in the middle of a field, there was a house quite a distance away but, to be honest, it didn't look in the best of shape either so I was pretty sure that I would be ok. The one thing I did forget, however, was the barn was very visible from the road! And although it was a super highway, it was busy enough that my pussy got wetter by the second!

There's even a couple "blooper" or "fun" shots in here where I was playing around and being goofy - naked, of course! heehee

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Prim & Proper

Prim & Proper

Oh yeah, that's me! Ok, you know the truth and so do I? But I just can't be bothered with being prim and proper! There is way too much fun to be had to let silly things stop ya!

BUT there are times I have to pretend, just like everyone else - but I thought I would share a little secret with ya ... even when I pretend my little devil on my shoulder always gets his way!

I snuck out of the restaurant - I didn't really want to be there anyways, there was an old porch on the back part and there was NO one out there (or so I thought) so I started teasing you. First flashing a little bit of my long legs wrapped in pantyhose, I know how you love the silky feel. Then I towered over you as you sat down and leaned back - letting you see what I had hidden underneath my skirt!

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