Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looney Looners - Hot Balloon Sex!

Looney Looners! Hot Balloon Sex!

You know how silly I can be! So, of course, I am gonna love balloons! And until I got into this business, I had NO idea that there were actually a whole group of people that are sexually attracted to popping balloons!

This update is a collection of different times I have played with some balloons AND a video of me blowing and blowing and blowing! 

Kisses ~ Kristine

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Merry Christmas!

Santa has checked his list (I'm on the naughty one, btw!) and things are beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I have a house full of people coming over tomorrow to help me celebrate the holiday!  Lots of food and fun is sure to be had!  

Hope you have a very very Merry Christmas as well! Be safe and enjoy the time with friends and family!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fucking The Headboard - HD Video Update!

Fucking the Headboard (12+ min. HD Video)

 I'd gotten one of those suction cup dildos and couldn't wait to try it out! Sticking it right to the headboard was ALMOST as good as having a cock come right through a little hole in the wall! heehee Up close shots of the dildo sliding in and out of my wet, juicy pussy in this video and of course, ending with another great orgasm!

Friday, December 17, 2010



I decided I needed to make a little fun one weekend!
So I made a hotel reservation and brought my sluttiest outfits to wear out! I just loved wearing this custom made tank out with MILF emblazoned across my very large tits! 
If that was announcing to the world what I was looking for then I'm not sure what is! LOL 
I decided to take a few pics before heading out - and really had planned on taking some after but plans took a turn and I just did the guy in the parking lot instead! Oops! Next time I'll try to be a little more restrained!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Night at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

I was lucky enough to go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra on Saturday night!  It was somewhat of a spur of the moment decision, since we just got our tickets Wednesday evening!  We got the cheap seats and it was absolutely fantastic!  

The music is just incredible, but the show itself is outstanding!  There was everything from lasers, fog, lights, fire and even snow!!  

If you get a chance to see them, definitely do!  This show definitely has Kristine's two thumbs up!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Special!

Friday, December 17th 

Mark that date down in your calendar!  I will be doing cam shows for $1.99/minute!  

It is just my little way of trying to make your holiday season a little brighter!  

I know how tough it is around the holiday season!  Seems like you just never have quite enough!  This is the perfect opportunity for you to have a little relaxation time AND to save some money in the process!

Be sure to SIGN UP NOW so all you have to do is log in and get your freak on with me Friday, December 17th!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Too good not to share!

86-year-old Pa. man hunts from recliner, bags buck

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Lester Warner left the hospital in a weakened state last month, his frail body wracked by late-stage cancer. At 86 years old, he and his family had decided to stop treatment. But that didn't mean he planned to stop hunting.

Pennsylvania's highly anticipated two-week rifle deer season was fast approaching, and the lifelong hunter from Dover Township, about 30 miles south of Harrisburg, wanted to take to the woods one last time.
"He just assumed he would be going. We decided we were going to play along with it: 'Yeah, we can't wait for hunting season, Dad,'" recalled Warner's son, Brian.

Brian and his brother Scott were skeptical. But when their father started to rally _ gaining strength with the help of a physical therapist _ they decided they had better accommodate him, said Brian, 51.
So Brian lugged an old recliner up the side of Broadtop Mountain, near his Huntingdon County dairy farm, to the small hut the family had built for Les Warner years ago. His father would hunt in comfort.
It was 19 degrees as the sun rose on opening day last week, the valley floor white with frost. Warner eased his old man's frame into the recliner, sipped his coffee, and waited, armed with the .243 Winchester that Brian had selected for its mild recoil.

It wasn't long before a huge 8-point buck emerged from the woods, the biggest that Warner or his son had ever had the opportunity to take. They marveled at their good fortune. A hunter can go days without seeing a buck.

"Well, shoot it," Warner told Brian.
"No, you're gonna shoot it," his son replied.
Warner stood up from the recliner and took aim. The buck bolted. He followed it for 80 or 90 yards. Then, as it slowed down, he pulled the trigger.
A perfect shot.
Lowering the gun, Warner turned to his son and said: "Never give up."
"That's right, Dad."
Brian called his mother. Shirley Warner could scarcely believe it.

"Knowing what he's been through in the last six months, in and out of the hospital, radiation and chemo and physical therapy and really sick at times, I was shocked. In my wildest dreams I didn't think he would get a buck this year," said Shirley, who's been married to Les for 53 years. "My son and I cried because it was a miracle ... there's no other explanation."

A week later, the retired pretzel baker remains thankful.

"I know I've had many blessings through this situation," said Les Warner, whose story was first reported by the York Daily Record. "Everything seems to be turning out well for me, and I know the Lord's been with us."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Come Fuck Me Shoes!

Come Fuck Me Shoes!

High heels make me feel sexy! I think that they do for most women and in turn, when we feel sexy - we ARE sexy! These red and black peep toes really do it for me! Especially when you pair with some lingerie and of course, cuban heel stockings! 

Kisses ~ Kristine

Red Hot!

Red Hot!

Remember those little candies, red hots? Spicy little red pieces of sweetness! Does that remind you of anyone? But of course, ME! I'm just like these little pieces of sweetness! Red and spicy! Yummy to eat, too! Lemme spread my long legs covered in black sheer stockings and give you a little taste!  

Kisses ~ Kristine

My Fun Hat!

My Fun Hat!

I think everyone should have a "fun hat" - don't you? There is just that one special hat that you KNOW if you put it on, there is bound to be some fun happening! This pink cowboy hat is definitely mine!
I only have one problem, everytime I put my hat on, I wanna have fun - the naughty way! This was no different! Having a picnic was all that was gonna happen, but then ... the FUN HAT came out and all that went to hell!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snorkeling with the Manatees!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I went swimming with the manatees today!  OMG! It was so much fun!  Living in Florida, especially since I'm not that far from Crystal River, I had heard about swimming with manatees before, but never done it!  I got a surprise over the Thanksgiving holiday that I was going to be doing it!  I was so excited!

As many of you know, I am not a fan of cold weather too much and the weather predicted for today was not very warm at all! I had made the reservations with the tour company already so I knew I was going, no matter if I froze my curvilicious ass off! lol Luckily, it turned out the weatherman was wrong!  Either that or Old Man Winter decided to take mercy on me and it was a beautiful, warm sunny day!

We arrived at the dock around 11am and got outfitted with our wetsuits!  Manatees are endangered animals so there are a lot of rules and regulations you have to be aware of when swimming with them.  You are not allowed to go to them, you can swim around them and they can come to you but you're not allowed to chase them.  You're also not allowed to ride them, poke them, prod them, stand on them, or feed them!  (Too bad because I had brought a head of lettuce just for that!  KIDDING! LOL).  After we were informed of everything to do and not do with the manatees, we hit the water!

The first place we went was to a spring - they actually put buoys and section off an area that people are not allowed to swim in the winter months just for the manatees.  Manatees don't like cold water anymore than I do, so when the water gets cooler in the winter months, they head towards the spring where it is a balmy 72 degrees! We swam way down the run to the spring and sure enough there was a huge manatee resting on the bottom.  I obeyed all the rules and swam around (and around and around) him, but he wasn't in the mood to play I guess, because he just stayed where he was!

When we swam out of the run towards where the boat was docked, there was a ton of people crowded around an area and as I swam closer a sweet looking Snooty came around the corner!  Luckily, SwampDawg was there to catch the picture!  Actually, he was RIGHT there because he didn't even see him coming and almost got a great big manatee kiss!  We watched him for a while but he wasn't too keen on the bunch of people and kids around so he swam back into the preserve.

So we went looking for more in other spots and we found them!  There was a group of about five or six that we swam up on, they were feeding and swimming along.  The water in this area was not as clear and pretty murky, so you just kind of kept your face in the water and all of a sudden there was a manatee right beneath ya!  It was so cool!

At one point, I had a HUGE one right beneath me and he was starting to surface - if he had come all the way to the top he probably would have pushed me right out of the water!  I could feel him moving right out of reach but he wasn't quite close enough to touch!  I was holding my breath wishing him just a bit closer, but then he dove back down and swam off!

We headed back to the dock a little after 2pm and I was elated with all of the encounters I had!  I really would have loved to touch one but I try to obey all the rules!  I figure people with much more knowledge than me put these rules in place for a purpose and I know I definitely wanna keep these gentle creatures on the earth forever!  So for once in my life, I played by the rules!  (Don't worry I definitely won't make a habit of that! LOL)

If you ever get the chance to swim with these giant mammals, be sure to do it!  It definitely gets Kristine's stamp of approval!

Kisses ~ Kristine


My Trip Up North!

Monday, November 29, 2010

I've lived in Florida almost all my life!  Moved here was I was five years old, being 40 now, I consider myself a Florida girl!  But in all these 35 years I had never been to the panhandle!  I've no idea why really, and have thought about it many times but always seem to head south to the tropical beaches or inland to the beautiful forests!

Today, that has all changed!  SwampDawg and I decided to take a trip up to Apalachicola - it is about 3 hours north of where our hunt camp is but it seemed like a good day for a drive!  We drove through beautiful forests and then hit the coast and followed it up!  We came to a 4 mile bridge and decided what the hell, and took it over to St George's Island.  Not really sure how long it is but the width of the island at the widest point can't be more than a mile or two!  Most of the businesses closed down for the season so we headed back over to the 'mainland' and kept heading north.

The town of Apalachicola is primarily a fishing village.  Downtown looks like you took a step back in time!  It is so cute and quaint.  We walked around for a bit and went shopping at some of the little shops.  Then we ate lunch at The Grille, that supposedly is home of the World's largest fish sandwich.  I didn't try that but I did have a fish sandwich (normal sized! lol).

Because the town is primarily a fishing, shrimping, crabbing village the BP Gulf oil spill really hit it hard and people there are just doing everything they can to get by so I'm really glad I could take my few dollars and help them out.

While we were on the way there, we went through St. Mark's, Sopchoppy, and tons of other small towns that are just a blip on the map.  I love small towns, they are always so homey and cute!

We also found the Crooked River Lighthouse in Carabelle.  As we drove past, I said HEY there's a lighthouse, so SwampDawg turned around so I could get a picture or two and check it out! He's so good to me, but it could have been the handjob I gave him while we were driving that made him that way, too!  LOL!

The lighthouse was built in 1895 and made of iron and steel.  It is 103 feet or 138 steps.  When it was originally built there were two houses built on either side of it for the keepers but when it was automated in 1952, there was no need for the keepers anymore.  The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1995 but in 1999, local citizens of Carabelle formed an association to rescue the landmark and it has been restored, relighted and a new park has been opened for people to see it!

We didn't make it back to hunt camp until almost 6pm but it was an awesome day, just riding and exploring!  Plus now I can say I have been to the panhandle!  Next time, I'm headed to Panama City but that will be for some partying!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Thanksgiving 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hope everyone had a great holiday!  Not sure when I'll get these blogs posted since I'm in the middle of BFE at hunt camp with no or limited internet access but thought I would share them with ya anyways!  

I had a fabulous turkey day!  I did most of the cooking this year with a little help from some family so it was a super busy day for me, but a good day too!  We've done Thanksgiving at hunt camp for as long as I can remember, and even though my kids are both older they have always made it too.  Until this year, unfortunately my oldest couldn't make it due to work schedules so that didn't make this mom too happy!  BUT I knew the day would come, and dealt well with it!  

We had the traditional Thanksgiving feast - turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry, etc.  We always deep fry our turkeys with the exception of last Christmas, and it is so good!  Once you peel the crunchy skin away it is moist and tender on the inside!  Some people eat the crunchy outside too, but I've never liked it too much!  Way too much grease - blech!

As for hunting, we've gotten one deer so far and shot at a boar hog.  He got away though.  But not too bad considering we just don't hunt like we used to, we love going into the woods but SwampDawg would rather let the young guys, that haven't bagged anything yet, do the actual hunting now.  He's gotten so much through his life that he figures they deserve the chance too, so if we can help them get it, then that's the feather in our cap now!

Might head into Gainesville tomorrow with the family - some want to do a little Christmas shopping at Gander Mountain.  And then all the family heads home on Sunday but we're here another week all by ourselves!  Can't wait for that - that's when my vacation really starts!  

Hope y'all have a fantabulous weekend!

Kisses ~ Kristine



Thursday, November 18, 2010

Don't Forget!

Just wanted to remind you that I will be leaving for a fun filled vacation tomorrow in the middle of nowhere and will have very limited internet access!  I will probably "go into town" to get online at some point, because really?  I couldn't leave all you guys for THAT long without checking in!  lol  

And of course, I will have my Blackberry with me, but even the cell service is hit or miss sometimes so you might get inundated with tweets only to not get a reply back for a couple hours or longer!  Please don't think I'm being rude or not answering, because I am certainly not doing that!  

I hope all of my US friends have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! And I will be thinking of you all because I am planning on doing some outdoor shoots while I'm gone!

This is a hunting trip, primarily, and although I don't do the actual shooting of the furry little creatures I definitely go during the hunting part of it for sure!  So wish us luck as we try to have an awesome season!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Wednesday, November 17, 2010



I never really knew how much fun and sexy socks could be ... but recently I've realized the error of my ways! So, especially for you, I've donned these long striped tube socks! When it starts getting cooler here in Florida, I usually hang around the house in exactly this type of outfit! Socks and tank! 

Kisses ~ Kristine


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holidays are coming!

Yes, they are - whether we want them to or not!  I love the fun of the holidays and seeing the family that you don't see that often throughout the year, but I do NOT like the stress and the shopping!  So, I have decided that this year, I am going to be stress free!  LOL I'll let ya know how that works out for me!

Thanksgiving is always a pretty easy one, I head up to the woods for it and play like a redneck!  There's not really too much stress in that!  I will be heading up for two weeks this year so I will have lots of time to play!  I will also be shooting some outdoor updates for you while I'm gone! So please let's hope it isn't TOO cold up there!

I will have very limited internet access while away since we truly are in the middle of nowhere!  But I will try to make a point to go to town occasionally JUST to catch up on emails, etc!  BUT if you don't hear from me right away, that is definitely the reason why!  I don't even have great cell service either, so Tweeting might even be erratic!  

That sexy Texan, Angel and her husband have headed back to Texas.  They left this morning and I miss them already! They came to visit for a whole month and we had a fabulous time while they were here! Yesterday, for the grand finale, Angel and I spent the day at another aquarium watching manatees (Snooties, as she likes to call them) - it was a great day and a lot of fun!  Can't wait to see them again soon!  

Guess that is all my news for now - hope you have a great rest of the week!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bathroom Slut Video

The Bathroom Slut
 Getting ready to go out makes me horny - I have no idea why, but it does! Maybe it is just the thought of knowing all the dirty, naughty things I'll be doing later on! Many times, I make myself cum while I'm getting ready but this time I got caught fucking myself by JessieCharm! It didn't stop her any, she just helped me and then let me suck on her titties and lick her sweet pussy until she came! But that still wasn't enough for me, I got down on the bathroom floor and fucked my pussy hard with a big dildo until I cum in an explosive orgasm!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Interracial Suck Off

Interracial Suck Off

I love those big black cocks! I mean, really? How can you not? And it always looks so good shoved between my pink lips with my pink tongue licking up and down that dark shaft! When it gets really hard, well that's when I have to shove that huge black dick in my sweet, white pussy! 

I really want you to see this super hot update! It makes me wet, so I KNOW it will make you hard and explode!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm freaking pissed!

I don't do this too often.  I like to be happy and upbeat and positive with you guys!  But this time, I just can't help myself!  I'm really fucking pissed off and I just have to share it!

If you have followed me at all then you already know that I am the whacky turtle lady.  I have no idea why, maybe it is just because they are close to me (living on the beach) or maybe that it is they are so damn cute when they are babies.  OR maybe it is just the fact we are and have been quietly and consisently killing them for years!

Anyways, back to my rant - being that I live on the coast, when the TED (turtle excluder device) was instituted for seine net fisherman there was a huge uproar.  That cut directly into these fisherman's profits and I understood that but even the old time sailors have figured out a way around it now. 

This picture is of 3 out of 17 DEAD sea turtles found drowned in a DISCARDED fishing net off the coast of Brazil!  This wasn't even a fucking fishing net someone was using to make their living!  It was nothing other than stinking TRASH! 

And I understand that someone in Iowa will probably never throw something out their window driving through the middle of the country that will impact my precious sea turtles.  But what will it impact?  We are killing this planet slowly but surely and it has to stop!  I'm not a PETA loving vegan tree hugger (no offense to any PETA loving tree huggers, btw) but for fucks sake, people, stop killing our world - your kids and grandkids and their kids and grandkids will really appreciate it!  Even if you never know about it!

So PLEASE take the time to throw your trash away - don't be litterbugs, recycle, reuse, etc.  as much as you can!  You don't have to go overboard, but if everyone did a little bit every day I have to believe it will make some difference!

Thanks for reading my little rant - now, let's get back to porn and fucking!  *wink

Kisses ~ Kristine

Trench Coat Flasher

Trench Coat Flasher

Uh oh, I'm being so naughty again! Have you ever wondered what it was like to be one of those trenchcoat flashers? I have! And I wanted to know exactly what the rush was so I did it! And it was awesome!!

Kisses ~ Kristine


Halloween Weekend!


Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend and got into lots of naughty fun!  I had a fantabulous time!

Friday night we went to a local bar and listened to a band and had some drinks!  It was quite the surprise, I thought we were just going for a bike ride but ended up there instead.  

Saturday night I dressed up in my pirate costume and went out with Lone Star Angel and Dreamgirl Cindi and their husbands.  Had way too much to drink that night, but it was all fun!  Got our picture taken with Moses (while we flashed, of course) - he said that we could pretty much do anything for the rest of the night after we did that!  LOL

Sunday, we went for a nice motorcycle ride down south (yes, over the Skyway bridge - read Angel's blog!) - the weather was beautiful and warm and sunny!  Couldn't be anymore perfect!  Then of course, I had to watch the Bucs game that was actually televised this week!  And damn, was that an emotional roller coaster but they pulled it out again so WOOOOT!  Go Bucs!

While I was watching the game, the trick or treaters came by - I was kinda worried that all my yelling and screaming at the game might scare them away but it didn't!  LOL We had some cutie patooties this year, and since my kids are all grown now, I just love to see those little ones that are so shy and cute! 

That's about it for now - more fun to come though!  Hunting season starts this weekend so hopefully we'll get lots of game in the freezer, but even if we don't it is well worth the time just being up in the woods!

Come chat with me LIVE on cam!  I'd love to hear from ya!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yo Ho ... Yo Ho!

Yo Ho ... Yo Ho!

A pirate's life for me! I have always loved Halloween but haven't really dressed up for the holiday in quite a few years. This year I decided to get a costume and have some fun! I thought it about for a while, and then decided what better costume for me than a pirate! Especially during football season! It all fits, doesn't it? CLICK HERE!
I'm your unofficial, slutty mascot of the Buccaneers! 

Kisses ~ Kristine

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Celtic Rock!

Celtic rock, well, ROCKS!  At least as far as I'm concerned it does! 

I've always loved the sound of bagpipes (duh, I'm a true Scot!) but the first time I ever heard Seven Nations I was in awe!  I mean, they took the sound of the pipes and put it with rock and I fell in love!

I remember it like it was yesterday!  I was at the Grandfather Mountain highland games and was sitting on a big hill and they came on.  Had never heard of them and had no earthly idea they were gonna rock my world!  Before they started playing a bunch of people had gotten up and moved down to the valley where they were playing, but we just stayed where we were.  I mean, after all, we could hear and see everything - it was the perfect spot really.  Or at least I thought that until I heard them!  I jumped and said, "I've gotta get closer, I'm going to dance!!"  And off we went!  

Since then, I have been a complete groupie!  When they come close to my area, I go!  They have changed and evolved over the years but I love their new stuff just like I did their old! 

This little video is one I took while they were playing tonight at a beach bar on St Pete Beach.  It's not that great of quality and I think they were having some sound issues anyways so I'm also including the whole song from youtube so you can hear what they really sound like!

I told ya you were gonna get lots of silly videos from me since I got this little video camera and here is just one more!  Hope ya like it!  

Kisses ~ Kristine

Purple-y Vibe

Purple vibe, green lacy dress, come fuck me (CFM) pumps, big pierced tits, very wet pussy!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Going to Visit Snooty!

Lone Star Angel and I went to the South Florida Museum one day last week!  She has a bit of an obsession with Snooty, the manatee so we had to go see him!

I decided on the way down that YOU should come with us!  See, I just got this new little video camera!  I love it because it is small enough to carry in my purse so I can pull it out a moment's notice and capture anything I want!  It's great, BUT to be fair, I have to tell you that there is certainly a reason I am on the other side of the video camera!  Now, I don't move it really fast to make you seasick or anything, but....well, you'll get the idea!  Watch it and enjoy the laughs with us!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Watching The Boob Tube

Watching the Boob Tube!

Some evenings I just want to chill out on the couch and watch some TV! But there are days that I just can't find anything on the boob tube to watch! I know you are tired too, and just want to chill out, but since there's nothing on - why don't you let me be your entertainment?
to let me entertain you, baby! You know what I'll do!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sweet Innocent Kristine

Sweet Innocent Kristine

What? You didn't know I could be sweet and innocent? Oh, well neither did I!

So instead of sweet and innocent, come see the REAL me - the slutty, curvy, wanting so badly to have your cock in her sloppy pussy slut that you've come to love so much! 

CLICK HERE to see me entice you with everything from my big titties to my curvy ass, spread wide open for your hard cock!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Loggerhead Update!

Just in case you were wondering, which I am sure you all were! lol

In my area, this season we had 119 loggerhead nests laid and so far 6,141 babies hatched!!

Kisses ~ Kristine


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just a minute!


I've only just got a minute but thought I would say hello! Today is a busy day for me for some reason. Nothing earth shattering or anything but a lot of things that I want to get done and a couple of appointments in the afternoon.

If YOU have some free time and want a little break, be sure to check out my latest update and video of me sucking (what I love to do!) and fucking! I hope that it makes your day a little brighter!

Also, don't forget to start making plans to come out to the Meet and Greet on October 23rd! I would love to meet you and get to know ya better!

Hope you're having an awesome day!

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whatcha doin?

Hello there!

Hope this finds everyone well! I've been having a great time lately and becoming very lax in my blogging and tweeting! That will definitely have to change! I'm just not sure how many of you read these blogs, though! So if you are someone that does - let me know!

I had an absolutely fantabulous weekend last weekend! Saturday was spent going to a local bike fest! It was so much fun! I love the feeling of being on that Harley! Nothing like it in the world!

Saturday night - well that was spent celebrating my daughter's 21st birthday! Went out to a local dance bar and drank and danced the night away! It was so much fun being a goofball with her!

I sometimes hate that my kids are growing up. That whole "empty nest" syndrome or whatever they call it, but then there are times that I absolutely love it, too! I mean, really, how much fun is it to have your 'baby' as one of your best friends!

I've got some new Hardcore updates (photos and videos) that are live! Watch me get fucked, suck cock, and get my pussy licked! You definitely do not want to miss these!

I'm looking so forward to the Meet and Greet coming up on October 23rd! There are some super sexy ladies that are going to be here! We have a lot of fun, drinking, carrying on, and generally just having a great time! Make plans to be there, if you haven't already! And if you are planning on being there - send me an Email so I can be on the lookout for ya!

Ok, I think I've caught you all up! I promise to not be too quiet anymore! (I really didn't think THAT would be something I would be accused of! LOL)

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz


Friday, October 8, 2010

Hardcore XXX

Hardcore XXX

This is plain and simple - hardcore fucking, sucking and pussy eating! Just the way I like it! Sure there are times I want to be romanced but sometimes I just wanna FUCK! This was exactly the time! I met this guy and he made me laugh and smile, and I was horny as hell, so I invited him home! I didn't know the hubby was going to be there but after introductions were made and reassurances that my new friend wasn't in "trouble" - we got down to it!

CLICK HERE to see cock sucking, pussy licking, and down and dirty fucking!

Be sure to watch for the video clip coming next that goes along with this update! watch as he cums all over my big, curvy ass!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Public Naughtiness!

Public Naughtiness!

I went away a few weekends ago with some friends! We had an awesome time but on Sunday afternoon, they decided to take a nap! I sure didn't want to waste time sleeping so I went down to the hotel pool! I made sure to bring my camera and you can imagine what happened next!

Sunday afternoon in a public place and I started to get naughty! The more I got away with the more I did! Talk about a rush! It is so exhilirating knowing that at any minute you could get caught!

In fact, after the pictures were done, my photographer was so turned on I took him in the bathroom and gave him a blow job until he squirted all over my face! It was so much fun!


Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz

Florida Porn Model Meet & Greet October 23rd

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Masturbation Video Update!

Masturbation Video Update

I love to masturbate! I love to fuck my own pussy because, well, dammit, I do it so well! LOL This video is plain and simple, me getting myself off! Playing with my nipples, sucking on my nipples and then right to the big pink vibe in my pussy fucking and pounding it just the way I like it!


Friday, September 24, 2010

Alzheimer's Test!


How fast can you guess these words?
1. BOO_S
2 . _ _NDOM
3 . F_ _K
4 . P_N_S
5 . PU_S_
6 . S_X


3 . FORK
6 . SIX
You got all 6 wrong .... didn 't you?

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz


Long Jeans

Long Jeans

With my long legs, I have such a hard time finding jeans that fit right! They always seem to be a little short! Not these! I was so excited when I found these! And even better, they are super tight to show off every delicious curve!


Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz

Monday, September 20, 2010

Squirting Debut

Squirting Debut

I've squirted in the past but never been able to really "make" myself! It just happens when it happens and that was that. I've decided that I am going to learn how to squirt "on command!"

I have been practicing a lot! I got some new toys to help and this is the first one that I got! It works pretty well, as you can see! Oh yeah! I sure did! I squirted!!! The Dreamnet debut of my hopefully very long squirting career is RIGHT here! You sure don't wanna miss out on this one! CLICK HERE!!

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pussy Licking Sluts - Video Update!

Pussy Licking Sluts - Video Update!

This is an older video that I did with Jessie Charm! She is so much fun and so damn sexy too! You can tell it was a long time ago because I don't yak the entire way through! But don't worry, the good stuff is still there! Pussy, titties, curvy blondes in stockings ... what on earth more could you ask for? Watch as I lick Jessie's pussy - yummy! And she fucks my pussy GOOD with a dildo until I cum! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 17+ MINUTE VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Save the Gulf!

Save the Gulf!

You probably know by now that I love my beaches and marine life! When the BP oil spill happened, well it just broke my heart to think of all those animals affected by this!

Then it got me somewhat outraged that for so long they couldn't stop the spill! Of course, now they have stopped it and everyone seems to have forgotten about it! The oil killed hundreds of animals and changed the lives of thousands of people!

To some it may not be that important, because it hasn't directly affected them ... but it will! We can't keep beating up this land and not expect our lives to change!

This is my little contribution to say "SAVE THE GULF" and the world now, while we can!


Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a Weekend!

I had the most fabulous Labor Day weekend! So much fun!

Friday night I went to the Toby Keith concert! You probably didn't know that about me, did ya? Yes, I am somewhat obsessed by Toby Keith! He's just so damn cute! And his songs always seem to make me smile! So I went and screamed my fool head off, danced like a crazy woman and drank a BIG daquiri! The glass was so cute, I just HAD to get one! lol

Actually, I screamed, yelled, and sang so much when I woke up Saturday morning my voice was just a squeak! Ooops! I headed up to the cabin in the woods though, so it was ok that I didn't have a voice! Getting the camp and cabin all ready for hunting season coming up in November!

It was gorgeous up there except there was standing water everywhere, the ditches and streams and ponds were all full to overflowing! And of course, that brought out the mosquitoes! But it was still a fun time! One of the guys got a new Bluetick puppy so I happily played with him for a while!

Headed home yesterday afternoon and even though I love to go away, I do love coming home too! It was a great, relaxing, fun, crazy weekend! I hope yours was just as good as mine was!

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz


Thursday, September 2, 2010

PVC Naughty School Girl

PVC Naughty School Girl

I love to play dress up! And the naughtier, raunchier, trashier - the better! This outfit certainly fits that bill - black PVC schoolgirl skirt, white button up PVC top (that my big tits JUST about fall out of), black fishnet stockings with PVC tops, and a pair of fuck me until I scream platform shoes!

I know I misbehaved in class today, teacher! I'm very sorry - please don't send a note or call home! I definitely don't want to get spanked! Well, unless it is from you, teacher. Maybe if you spank me good and hard, we can forget all about how bad I was today! heehee At least until tomorrow, when I'm going to behave even worse!


Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

This is a behind the scenes look at a normal web camming day for me! I set up my web camera, get my toys out and turn on the computer! That's when the fun begins! I love to chat with my guys about all the things we'll do once we go "private" and when that happens, that's when the real fun begins! Grab the toys, pull my big titties out and start fucking! I love to hear how much the guys wanna fuck my sweet pussy or push their cocks in my tight ass ... that just makes me cum that much harder and quicker! heehee


Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to Normal?


Sorry I've been kind of MIA in forums, chatting, camming and on Twitter the last few days! Had an emergency situation come up late Saturday night that I have been dealing with. Not so much fun, but had to deal with it anyway!

BUT the good news is, things seem to be getting back to normal! For now, at least! Still have some more appointments but nothing pressing that has to be done immediately, so I'll be back to my naughty self very shortly!

While I was 'away', I did get a great feature on Don Carlos' blog - be sure to check it out and leave comments for him so he knows how much y'all love me and want to see me back again! *wink Click HERE to view the blog!

Thanks for all the emails and Twitter comments wondering where I've been - it makes me feel very special!

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz


Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Finished Yet!

Not Finished Yet!

I had some friends over! Ok, really, I had some guys over to fuck and suck! I was just feeling really horny and needed more than one cock to satisfy me! I had fucked and sucked all three guys and thought they were well spent, but I was wrong!

I had just squirted all over the bed while getting fucked when that lit a fire in the first one's cock! He couldn't help himself and as soon as one crawled off my pussy, he crawled right back in! heehee He fucked me so good, I came and came again! My pussy was still tingling with the feeling of the other guy's cock! And the "icing" on the cake - he shot his load all over my still quivering pussy! CLICK HERE!

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz

Kristine's Quiz

You are driving down the road in your car on a wild, stormy night, when you pass by a bus stop and you see three people waiting for the bus:

1. An old lady who looks as if she is about to die.

2. An old friend who once saved your life.

3. The perfect partner you have been dreaming about.

Which one would you choose to offer a ride to, knowing that there could only be one passenger in your car? Think before you continue reading.

This is a moral/ethical dilemma that was once actually used as part of a job application. You could pick up the old lady, because she is going to die, and thus you should save her first. Or you could take the old friend because he once saved your life, and this would be the perfect chance to pay him back. However, you may never be able to find your perfect mate again.

YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS.....................

The candidate who was hired (out of 200 applicants) had no trouble coming up with his answer. He simply answered: 'I would give the car keys to my old friend and let him take the lady to the hospital. I would stay behind and wait for the bus with the partner of my dreams.'

Sometimes, we gain more if we are able to give up our stubborn thought limitations.

Never forget to 'Think Outside of the Box.'

HOWEVER...., The correct answer is to run the old lady over and put her out of her misery because Obama's health care won't pay for her hospital visit anyway, have sex with the perfect partner on the hood of the car, then drive off with the old friend for a few beers.

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Clean Clean Clean

Clean Clean Clean

Don't you love taking showers? I know I do! I love the feeling of the warm water running all over my curvy body, through my hair, down my back and over my boobs! It is just so relaxing! Only thing better is taking a shower together! That way I can wash your back and you can wash mine! I'll even let you lather up my thick, blonde hair! I love to make tons of bubbles when I shampoo - even the bubbles sliding down my back can be so erotic, don't you think? Wanna come join me in the shower? CLICK HERE!

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday Night Dreaming!

So what is that old saying about having too much sugar or something before you go to bed, makes you have odd dreams? I had one Sunday night and couldn't wait to tell y'all!

You know how in dreams things don't always make sense, well here was mine:

I was in a beachside bar wearing heels and a halter top. Apparently the halter wasn't big enough because one of my big titties was hanging out! I didn't have anything on the bottom - no skirt, no jeans, no shorts, no panties - nothing! But I did have my heels on! I was walking through the bar with people around and then I went in to the beer cooler!

I hate when dreams end like that, don't you? I wanted to know the rest of the story! Was there some hot cocks in that beer cooler? Was I going to get a beer to cool off my hot pussy?

Anyway, I just thought it was too good not to share - hope you liked it! Send me an Email and let me know what you think happened next!

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Golden Dildo HiDef Video

Golden Dildo HiDef Video

In my last photo update, you saw me laying on a bed with my latest favorite toy - the Golden Dildo! Here is the video of when I decided I had had enough of taking pictures! Watch me as I fuck my wet pussy (you can even hear it sloshing in and out of my pussy!) until I cum! Why don't you cum with me??