Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Better Late than Never!

Hiya! I know! I know! It's been too long since I've posted but I've been so busy! No excuse I know, but at least I've been so busy shooting lots of hot, steamy pictures for you to enjoy!
My latest update, At It Again, is up on Dreamnet and there is another new update coming this week! I just can't seem to get enough of those gloryholes! What can I say - once a slut, always a slut! *wink

I'm off again this week to celebrate the 4th of July! I'll be heading to the DC area so if you happen to see me up that way, be sure to stop and say hello! I'm going up to a party in that area and I'm sure I'll be getting into some trouble on my way!

We are still really dry in my area, but the summer rains have started a bit, so hopefully my flowers will be happy! I've been working on my backyard area quite a bit. Decided I wanted it to be my own tropical paradise and it is coming along very nicely. Still need a few more plants and flowers but I love to go sit on the swing and just relax. I love the summer and the heat, but haven't been able to make it to the beach very much! There is just not enough hours in the day, I've determined!

Check out the latest update and keep watching for the new one this week! If you have any suggestions or anything you would like to see in particular - or for that matter, ya just want to say Hey! shoot me an Email! I love to chat with ya!
Be safe this 4th! Make sure you keep ALL of your appendages! *wink

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Time!

When did summer hit? Just seems like a couple weeks ago it was cool outside! But in the last week or so, summer has hit us here in Florida and it is HOT! We're well into the 90's and of course the humidity is crazy! But ya know, I LOVE it! I don't mind the heat at all - if it gets too hot, I have lots of ways to cool down. *heehee

Pantyhose Pleasure posted on Dreamnet, so if you are a pantyhose lover - go check it out! I've shot some more pantyhose just past this weekend - just makes ya feel sexy! Especially fishnets! *wink So you will definitely be seeing some more of those pictures coming soon!

I love to hear your ideas, so please Email me and share your nasty thoughts - don't worry, I'm not an innocent - see if you can shock me! OH, speaking of shock - found a few more Gloryhole shots that you will be seeing soon too!

I'm headed north this weekend - going to visit some family that I've not seen in WAY too long! Can't wait, it is sure to be a blast! So if you see me in the airport be sure to say hello! Love to meet ya!



Friday, June 12, 2009

Time to Bitch!

Ok, I am usually a pretty happy person. I try not to let things get to me too much. Try to just have fun with everything and generally I like everybody, BUT I've just gotta bitch for a minute!

As you surely know by now, I ride a Harley and I understand that people don't always see motorcycles! I can deal with that, even, to an extent! But when you don't see a bike, and you run the bike OFF the fuckin' road - don't just drive on like nothing happened! At least stop or pull over or something to make sure the person on the bike is OK! And yep, you guessed it, this happened to me just last night - which is why I'm bitching! On my way to see a Celtic rock band (Seven Nations) play at a local bar and not only did this lady run me off the road but up on to the curb. Needless to say the bottom of the bike scraped all along and got scratched up! I've been in a couple close calls and actually even had the bike go down once, but this scared the shit out of me! Not that I'll stop riding because I surely won't - but just a reminder to everyone: LOOK TWICE! Motorcycles ARE everywhere!

There, that's my bitch done! And thanks for listening because I feel a lot better now! On the brighter side of things, I have a new update, In The Woods! This is a little piece of my everyday life, so I hope ya like it! And of course it is the weekend, which always makes everything good! And my ass will be back in the saddle this weekend!

Have a safe one! And of course, a Hot and Horny one too! *wink


Friday, June 5, 2009

Getting Old?

I've been super busy this week - my youngest graduated high school! Wow! What a reality check that was - am I getting old? I guess I must be if my kids are out of school, but I don't feel like it so I decided no need to start worrying about it yet!

I've got a couple trips/shoots coming up that I'm really looking forward to - the middle of the month I'll be away for a few days visiting family. I can't wait - haven't seen some of them in quite some time so that will be fun! At the end of the month, I'll be going to a weekend shoot with some other very sexy ladies! We'll be working hard that weekend so if there are any requests, let me know so I can try to fit them in! And 4th of July weekend, I am going up North to visit some of the friends I went to Belize with - I'm SURE that will be a fun weekend too! And I'll probably squeeze in a shoot or video there too!

So, sounds like the summer is going to be a busy busy busy one! But I love that! And guess it is a good thing I'm NOT getting old, otherwise, I'd never be able to keep up, would I? *wink*

Have a great weekend!