Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Double Penetration ~ Video!

I love to have my holes filled completely up! That includes everything from my wet pussy to my tight ass and sometimes, I like to have them filled at the same time! Just like now!

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Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oops! Vacation Blog!

Wow! Am I a little behind or what? I just realized I hadn't told you some of my mountain vacation adventures! Sorry it has taken me so long but here ya go!

One of the most awesome things I did while I was on vacation was go gem mining - I had done it years ago, mostly just for the kids but it was fun so thought I would try it again! And I had luck this time!

I found an amethyst that I got cut and polished into a gorgeous stone!
I haven't decided what piece of jewelry to make it into yet, so I haven't done anything with it but I will!

My first thought was a ring, but my husband said, "oh yeah, because you don't have enough amethyst rings!"

So then I thought of maybe a pendant, but thought to myself, "oh yeah, because I don't have enough amethyst pendants!" LOL

My guess is it will turn into a ring since that was my first thought, but ya never know! Hell, I might turn it into a charm to hang on my clit ring! Heehee

My moral to the story on this one: don't judge a rock by its cover! LOL

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Playing like a Tourist!


Y'all know I live in Florida - which is obviously a huge destination for many vacationers, but since I live here I rarely do the "touristy" things! Last night, I decided to play like a tourist!

I went to one of the biggest tourist spots in this area! It is a boardwalk right along the water. There are shops, restaurants, bars, etc! Everything that attracts tourists!

First, I had dinner at one of the restaurants that overlooks the water. It was so relaxing to just watch the water, boats and people go by.

Then I walked around and looked at the little stores - there are a couple different types of tourist stores. One is the kind that has the tshirts and hats and coffee mugs, and of course, the silly things that the kids just HAVE to have to play with on the beach! And then there is the other kind - that has the shells and the pictures of the beach, the statues and the jewelry!

It was a great time - sometimes you just don't realize how much your own area has to offer until you look at it through the eyes of someone that has never seen it before!

Today (Saturday) is a super busy day for me! Playing on cam this morning and then shooting hot new pics and videos this afternoon for my site! That always makes for a great day!

Have a wonderful weekend! Don't behave! Do something fun!

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kristine's Painting Day!


It is painting day for me! I'm painting a bedroom today but somehow I don't think it will get finished today! What I don't understand about painting...why doesn't one coat EVER seem to cover? It seems that since we can put a man on the moon, have cars that remotely start, and be able to video conference with people across the globe that we could surely figure a way to have ONE coat paint!!

The bedroom I am painting is a very light green (very very light - like mint green, not hunter green) and the off white paint that I'm covering it with - just is not doing the job! And honestly I would much rather pay higher prices for a gallon of paint if I could use less time! Anyway, enough of my ranting for today!

So, that's my plans for the day - what are yours?

I'll be shooting new pictures and videos this weekend, so if you have any special requests, be sure to let me know soon so I can put it on the "to do" list! I just LOVE shooting pics and vids and it gets me that much hotter when I know that it is a special request! I just think of all the nasty, wonderful things you'll be doing when you see it! heehee

Back to my painting! Gotta get that second coat on! LOL

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hump'n Day!


I've got this hilarious story to tell ya! So y'all know I'm camming now, right? (If you don't know, then CLICK HERE and sign up now to see me live!)

I was in my lobby chatting away yesterday with a guy that was a firefighter at NYFD! That was pretty cool, in itself, but then he told me that he had me linked on the big screen and the whole Engine Company was watching!! I just thought that was the best thing! There was even a female firefighter - and they said I could come ride their engines! heehee

They told me the company number, but also told me if the Chief found out, they would get in trouble! But I did tell them I just had to blog about this and for them to look for it! I know they will get a kick out of it! We had such a fun time!

So, here's to ALL the firefighters out there that work so hard for us - and a special wave to that particular engine company - ya know who ya are! *wink

Kisses ~ Have a great rest of the week!

Kristine Cumz


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pink Fishnet - Public Nudity!

Ya really think I'm worried about people seeing me? Pfft! Nah, it just turns me on that much more if there is a chance of getting caught! So here I am playing in the back forty and once I get that itch, there's no stopping me - off come clothes!

CLICK HERE to come play with me!

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pantyhose LOVERS!

Pantyhose LOVERS!

I have to be honest with you, there was a time that I didn't care for pantyhose too much! BUT all of you pantyhose lovers have requested these updates and I am falling in love with my hose!! They feel so damn sexy covering my long, smooth legs and of course, the feel of them rubbing against my pussy just drives me crazy!

So, I must say THANKS to you guys for leading me down the right path and making my cunt so juicy and wet!


Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz