Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yo Ho ... Yo Ho!

Yo Ho ... Yo Ho!

A pirate's life for me! I have always loved Halloween but haven't really dressed up for the holiday in quite a few years. This year I decided to get a costume and have some fun! I thought it about for a while, and then decided what better costume for me than a pirate! Especially during football season! It all fits, doesn't it? CLICK HERE!
I'm your unofficial, slutty mascot of the Buccaneers! 

Kisses ~ Kristine

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Celtic Rock!

Celtic rock, well, ROCKS!  At least as far as I'm concerned it does! 

I've always loved the sound of bagpipes (duh, I'm a true Scot!) but the first time I ever heard Seven Nations I was in awe!  I mean, they took the sound of the pipes and put it with rock and I fell in love!

I remember it like it was yesterday!  I was at the Grandfather Mountain highland games and was sitting on a big hill and they came on.  Had never heard of them and had no earthly idea they were gonna rock my world!  Before they started playing a bunch of people had gotten up and moved down to the valley where they were playing, but we just stayed where we were.  I mean, after all, we could hear and see everything - it was the perfect spot really.  Or at least I thought that until I heard them!  I jumped and said, "I've gotta get closer, I'm going to dance!!"  And off we went!  

Since then, I have been a complete groupie!  When they come close to my area, I go!  They have changed and evolved over the years but I love their new stuff just like I did their old! 

This little video is one I took while they were playing tonight at a beach bar on St Pete Beach.  It's not that great of quality and I think they were having some sound issues anyways so I'm also including the whole song from youtube so you can hear what they really sound like!

I told ya you were gonna get lots of silly videos from me since I got this little video camera and here is just one more!  Hope ya like it!  

Kisses ~ Kristine

Purple-y Vibe

Purple vibe, green lacy dress, come fuck me (CFM) pumps, big pierced tits, very wet pussy!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Going to Visit Snooty!

Lone Star Angel and I went to the South Florida Museum one day last week!  She has a bit of an obsession with Snooty, the manatee so we had to go see him!

I decided on the way down that YOU should come with us!  See, I just got this new little video camera!  I love it because it is small enough to carry in my purse so I can pull it out a moment's notice and capture anything I want!  It's great, BUT to be fair, I have to tell you that there is certainly a reason I am on the other side of the video camera!  Now, I don't move it really fast to make you seasick or anything, but....well, you'll get the idea!  Watch it and enjoy the laughs with us!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Watching The Boob Tube

Watching the Boob Tube!

Some evenings I just want to chill out on the couch and watch some TV! But there are days that I just can't find anything on the boob tube to watch! I know you are tired too, and just want to chill out, but since there's nothing on - why don't you let me be your entertainment?
to let me entertain you, baby! You know what I'll do!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sweet Innocent Kristine

Sweet Innocent Kristine

What? You didn't know I could be sweet and innocent? Oh, well neither did I!

So instead of sweet and innocent, come see the REAL me - the slutty, curvy, wanting so badly to have your cock in her sloppy pussy slut that you've come to love so much! 

CLICK HERE to see me entice you with everything from my big titties to my curvy ass, spread wide open for your hard cock!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Loggerhead Update!

Just in case you were wondering, which I am sure you all were! lol

In my area, this season we had 119 loggerhead nests laid and so far 6,141 babies hatched!!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just a minute!


I've only just got a minute but thought I would say hello! Today is a busy day for me for some reason. Nothing earth shattering or anything but a lot of things that I want to get done and a couple of appointments in the afternoon.

If YOU have some free time and want a little break, be sure to check out my latest update and video of me sucking (what I love to do!) and fucking! I hope that it makes your day a little brighter!

Also, don't forget to start making plans to come out to the Meet and Greet on October 23rd! I would love to meet you and get to know ya better!

Hope you're having an awesome day!

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whatcha doin?

Hello there!

Hope this finds everyone well! I've been having a great time lately and becoming very lax in my blogging and tweeting! That will definitely have to change! I'm just not sure how many of you read these blogs, though! So if you are someone that does - let me know!

I had an absolutely fantabulous weekend last weekend! Saturday was spent going to a local bike fest! It was so much fun! I love the feeling of being on that Harley! Nothing like it in the world!

Saturday night - well that was spent celebrating my daughter's 21st birthday! Went out to a local dance bar and drank and danced the night away! It was so much fun being a goofball with her!

I sometimes hate that my kids are growing up. That whole "empty nest" syndrome or whatever they call it, but then there are times that I absolutely love it, too! I mean, really, how much fun is it to have your 'baby' as one of your best friends!

I've got some new Hardcore updates (photos and videos) that are live! Watch me get fucked, suck cock, and get my pussy licked! You definitely do not want to miss these!

I'm looking so forward to the Meet and Greet coming up on October 23rd! There are some super sexy ladies that are going to be here! We have a lot of fun, drinking, carrying on, and generally just having a great time! Make plans to be there, if you haven't already! And if you are planning on being there - send me an Email so I can be on the lookout for ya!

Ok, I think I've caught you all up! I promise to not be too quiet anymore! (I really didn't think THAT would be something I would be accused of! LOL)

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hardcore XXX

Hardcore XXX

This is plain and simple - hardcore fucking, sucking and pussy eating! Just the way I like it! Sure there are times I want to be romanced but sometimes I just wanna FUCK! This was exactly the time! I met this guy and he made me laugh and smile, and I was horny as hell, so I invited him home! I didn't know the hubby was going to be there but after introductions were made and reassurances that my new friend wasn't in "trouble" - we got down to it!

CLICK HERE to see cock sucking, pussy licking, and down and dirty fucking!

Be sure to watch for the video clip coming next that goes along with this update! watch as he cums all over my big, curvy ass!

Kisses ~ Kristine

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Public Naughtiness!

Public Naughtiness!

I went away a few weekends ago with some friends! We had an awesome time but on Sunday afternoon, they decided to take a nap! I sure didn't want to waste time sleeping so I went down to the hotel pool! I made sure to bring my camera and you can imagine what happened next!

Sunday afternoon in a public place and I started to get naughty! The more I got away with the more I did! Talk about a rush! It is so exhilirating knowing that at any minute you could get caught!

In fact, after the pictures were done, my photographer was so turned on I took him in the bathroom and gave him a blow job until he squirted all over my face! It was so much fun!


Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz

Florida Porn Model Meet & Greet October 23rd