Friday, July 31, 2009

Who wants to Get WET?

Yep, another UPDATE from my vacation in Belize! This one was completely spur of the moment and you can definitely tell....not any makeup on, no hair done....nothing! Just me and my nakedness playing in the pool with the new underwater camera I got to take snorkeling!

Speaking of snorkeling, I did go snorkeling - it was awesome! I saw barracuda, coral, huge sting rays, nurse sharks, tons of colorful fish (that I don't know the name) and of course, a sea turtle! This one was a Green Turtle, which was an amazing thing to see, even if it was no Loggerhead!

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Staying around home to get into trouble this weekend! I'm sure I'll have my plump and curvy bottom on that motorcycle seat sometime during this weekend! And since I have determined I must be solar powered, I better recharge my batteries at some point too by getting some sun! I love watching the XGames too and they are on all weekend so I've catch some of that too!

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Kristine Cumz

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I know you've heard me say it before, but I love the summer! Seems I'm always doing something and the weather is beautiful! The shoot I was telling you about last time was AWESOME! So much fun - this picture is one of the many you'll be seeing soon on the site!

Last weekend I didn't go anywhere and spent the day at the beach on Saturday and the day on the motorcycle on Sunday - talk about perfect! Nothing better in my book!

This coming weekend I headed to northern Florida to have some fun in the woods! I really am a tomboy some - I love to get all "prettied" up but I love to get down and dirty too! Being in the woods on a 4-wheeler in the mud is some kind of fun! And I'm going fishing this weekend too! Wish me luck because I really don't usually have enough patience for fishing, but I'm gonna give it another whirl!

Upcoming things - FetishCon is just a few weeks away and is always a fun time! If anyone is going to be attending this event, let me know - I'd love to meet up for a drink, if nothing else!

Have a good rest of the week!


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Friday, July 10, 2009

Reviewed! reviewed my site....and they said it was quality and original! Yay! But then I guess you already know that, right? Haha!
I'm headed out of town AGAIN for the weekend! I'm beginning to wonder if I really need a place to live or maybe I should just travel all the time! I really love to travel even if it is just across the state. And that's where I am headed now, over to the other coast of Florida, near West Palm Beach. I'm trying out a new photographer and looks like he has some AWESOME places to shoot some hot and naughty pictures and videos!
Not sure what all I will get done, but I know he has a helicopter, a stable, a huge mechanics garage, old cars - so needless to say, I'm a little excited to be going! And of course you will see ALL the "original and quality" photos and/or videos soon! And remember if you are a photographer OR just have some really cool things to shoot with/on/in, shoot me an Email! I'd love to meet ya anyways!
Latest update on Dreamnet is ME in a bikini on the beach! And don't ya know, somebody dared me to flash?? Silly boys!