Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hope everyone had a great holiday!  Not sure when I'll get these blogs posted since I'm in the middle of BFE at hunt camp with no or limited internet access but thought I would share them with ya anyways!  

I had a fabulous turkey day!  I did most of the cooking this year with a little help from some family so it was a super busy day for me, but a good day too!  We've done Thanksgiving at hunt camp for as long as I can remember, and even though my kids are both older they have always made it too.  Until this year, unfortunately my oldest couldn't make it due to work schedules so that didn't make this mom too happy!  BUT I knew the day would come, and dealt well with it!  

We had the traditional Thanksgiving feast - turkey, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry, etc.  We always deep fry our turkeys with the exception of last Christmas, and it is so good!  Once you peel the crunchy skin away it is moist and tender on the inside!  Some people eat the crunchy outside too, but I've never liked it too much!  Way too much grease - blech!

As for hunting, we've gotten one deer so far and shot at a boar hog.  He got away though.  But not too bad considering we just don't hunt like we used to, we love going into the woods but SwampDawg would rather let the young guys, that haven't bagged anything yet, do the actual hunting now.  He's gotten so much through his life that he figures they deserve the chance too, so if we can help them get it, then that's the feather in our cap now!

Might head into Gainesville tomorrow with the family - some want to do a little Christmas shopping at Gander Mountain.  And then all the family heads home on Sunday but we're here another week all by ourselves!  Can't wait for that - that's when my vacation really starts!  

Hope y'all have a fantabulous weekend!

Kisses ~ Kristine



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