Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's Tuesday!

Hiya! Hope you are having a great week so far! We've already got Monday out of the way, right? It can't be THAT much longer until we're having a GREAT weekend! *wink
Speaking of weekend, mine was good! Went and saw the Kenneth Brian band on Friday night. This guy is really good, if ya like that kind of music. I like EVERY kind, so I really like him. It's kind of country, southern rock style - check him out on myspace!
I also went and saw the movie, Angels & Demons. It was really good, too. I had read the book and it did follow it pretty close, which is always a plus to me. Definitely a movie that makes ya go hmmmm, though!
Went out Saturday night for a little trouble making - I never seem to have a problem with that, trouble always finds me! Had a good time dancing, listening to music, and just being a flirt!
Went on a motorcycle scavenger hunt on Sunday, and I won!! It was something completely different, but it was really fun! I did wonder, what people thought - can you imagine seeing me on the back of the bike with my camera out taking pictures of something like a pay phone (which was really hard to find!)? LOL
There's a new update to be posted this week, called Head Out On the Highway! One of my favorite things to do, motorcycling! So keep looking for it! And shoot me an email with any suggestions you've got - I love to hear what's on your nasty little minds!

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