Friday, July 10, 2009

Reviewed! reviewed my site....and they said it was quality and original! Yay! But then I guess you already know that, right? Haha!
I'm headed out of town AGAIN for the weekend! I'm beginning to wonder if I really need a place to live or maybe I should just travel all the time! I really love to travel even if it is just across the state. And that's where I am headed now, over to the other coast of Florida, near West Palm Beach. I'm trying out a new photographer and looks like he has some AWESOME places to shoot some hot and naughty pictures and videos!
Not sure what all I will get done, but I know he has a helicopter, a stable, a huge mechanics garage, old cars - so needless to say, I'm a little excited to be going! And of course you will see ALL the "original and quality" photos and/or videos soon! And remember if you are a photographer OR just have some really cool things to shoot with/on/in, shoot me an Email! I'd love to meet ya anyways!
Latest update on Dreamnet is ME in a bikini on the beach! And don't ya know, somebody dared me to flash?? Silly boys!

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