Friday, July 31, 2009

Who wants to Get WET?

Yep, another UPDATE from my vacation in Belize! This one was completely spur of the moment and you can definitely tell....not any makeup on, no hair done....nothing! Just me and my nakedness playing in the pool with the new underwater camera I got to take snorkeling!

Speaking of snorkeling, I did go snorkeling - it was awesome! I saw barracuda, coral, huge sting rays, nurse sharks, tons of colorful fish (that I don't know the name) and of course, a sea turtle! This one was a Green Turtle, which was an amazing thing to see, even if it was no Loggerhead!

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Staying around home to get into trouble this weekend! I'm sure I'll have my plump and curvy bottom on that motorcycle seat sometime during this weekend! And since I have determined I must be solar powered, I better recharge my batteries at some point too by getting some sun! I love watching the XGames too and they are on all weekend so I've catch some of that too!

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Kristine Cumz

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