Monday, August 24, 2009

Hot Rods, Pin Ups and Retro!

I went to a retro hot rod car and motorcycle show over the weekend! It was a really good time! Lots of cool cars! I don't really know too much about classic cars or hot rods, to be honest! BUT I know what is hot looking and what I like and there were a lot there that would look good wrapped around me! heehee There was even a pink Cadillac! The picture didn't turn out too great with that one, though!

There were a couple old school retro motorcycles too! And I guess I must be changing some because I didn't really used to like them as much - I'm all about the chrome! But these were awesome looking too!

It did start raining while I was there, but it was being held at a local club so just went inside and had a little Pineapple rum and waited out the rain! All in all, it was a good day!

There's supposed to be another one this weekend and would love to go but not sure I'll make this one. Tentatively have some hardcore shooting planned and as much as I thought these classic cars were cool.....yeah, well, hardcore porn just interests me a little bit more! heehee



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