Sunday, September 13, 2009

Knob Job?

I've been doing web modeling, cam and phone sex for quite a number of years now. And I've been fucking and sucking for many MORE years! So you would think that I would know what the hell a knob job is, right? I thought so too! But for all these years, I've thought a knob job was a hand job! I didn't know it was a blow job until I lost a bet this past weekend! LOL

I'm really not a very good gambler, I shouldn't really bet because I usually lose but I just can't help myself sometimes! This time if he won, he got a knob job in the middle of the street....funny enough, never did find out what I got if I won!

Oh well I always settle up quickly when I lose my bets! And really, as much as I love giving knob jobs (and yes, I know what that REALLY means now) it is kind of like a win/win!



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