Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekend ~ Finally!


The weekend is finally here! I did have a short week this week, but sometimes those SEEM to take the longest! The weather has warmed up to acceptable temperatures again and I'm really hoping to get my big ass on the back of that bike for a little ride soon!

I know I have posted very much here lately, I've been super busy (yeah right, that's what they ALWAYS say - lol - but it really is true!) - getting ready for the long weekend last weekend took up every minute I had to spare!
Let me tell ya about the weekend though...I had a guest photographer that wanted to shoot me from New Smyrna Beach. I was headed to DeLand for the weekend anyways, so thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get it all done!

Went to the studio on Friday afternoon and spent about 8 hours with this guy! It was great time, he had a really nice studio and the pics are awesome. He also had all types of props, including a LIVE 8 or 9 foot boa constrictor! I'm not one to be all excited about snakes, that's for sure, but he told me how great the pics would I ended up laying down with a damn snake draped over my naked body! ACK! It did kind of take me a minute to get used to it, but it wasn't as horrible as I imagined at all! AND the pics did turn out quite nicely I think!
Saturday and Sunday - I met up with some other models at an old ranch house in DeLand that sat on 46 acres! It was great for outside shoots and of course, we just like hanging out and getting into mischief when we all get together! This was no different!

Monday - I spent the day moving furniture! No, I'm not moving but one of my kids moved out of the house. As a mom, it makes me kinda sad but as a woman that likes to play and have fun and ACT like a 25-year-old, it makes me happy! lol This was the first kid, I still have one more at home so not completely free.....yet!

Plans for this weekend....well I don't have anything at all set in stone! Which is really nice actually! I'm hoping to visit my favorite bartender, ride the motorcycle, sleep in, and have lots of SEX! If all of that happens, I'm gonna be a happy girl!!

Oh, here's the plug - almost forgot, I swear I just blather on and on! I really need to figure out these video blogs quickly - then you can hear me ramble instead of just reading it! LOL Anyway....back to the plug - I would really really really appreciate if you could keep voting for me HERE! Last I checked, I was in 2nd place and I would be thrilled to no end to get 2nd place! You can vote every 1/2 hour, so while you're watching the games this weekend, just remember every quarter or so - go vote for your favorite curvy blonde! Thanks so much!!
Well, look at that - I've successfully wasted enough time writing this blog that it is just about time for my weekend to start...oh darn! lmao Sooo, guess it is time to get this party started!

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Kisses, Licks, Bangs, and Blows!

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