Saturday, March 6, 2010

Prim & Proper

Prim & Proper

Oh yeah, that's me! Ok, you know the truth and so do I? But I just can't be bothered with being prim and proper! There is way too much fun to be had to let silly things stop ya!

BUT there are times I have to pretend, just like everyone else - but I thought I would share a little secret with ya ... even when I pretend my little devil on my shoulder always gets his way!

I snuck out of the restaurant - I didn't really want to be there anyways, there was an old porch on the back part and there was NO one out there (or so I thought) so I started teasing you. First flashing a little bit of my long legs wrapped in pantyhose, I know how you love the silky feel. Then I towered over you as you sat down and leaned back - letting you see what I had hidden underneath my skirt!

CLICK HERE so I can quit teasing and show you how I want you to make my pussy cum!

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