Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm Late! Free Video included

I know you are all used to me having something new for you to pull that cock to about every five days or so! And I also know that I am VERY late this time! I'm so sorry, I think the holidays finally caught up to me! I do hope you'll forgive me, and I will definitely try to make it up to you! *wink

This update is for all those people that are stuck up north, freezing their asses off! I REALLY need some sun time, it has been way too long! 

But it seems like every time I lay in the sun, my pussy starts aching to be played with!

**NEW VIDEO** Playing Games (14+ min. Video) - I love to play games and even more so when they are sex games! In this video, you've tied my huge tits up and left! You left strict instructions on what I can and can't do while you're away, but dammit you know how hard it is for me to follow the rules! CLICK HERE to see this 14 minute bondage video!

Kisses ~ Kristine

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