Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Day at the Zoo!

I had a free day today so decided that I wanted to go to the Central Florida Zoo - I had never been even though it really isn't far from home, so today was the day!

It is a really cute, little zoo and botanical gardens.  I think I may have gone at the wrong time of the year for the gardens part, there wasn't too much greenery!  They did have a nice boardwalk though that had been built around different types of Florida, like swamps, woodlands, etc!  That was cool!

They also had a bunch of different birds, including a toucan!!  I like those a lot for some reason!  Maybe it reminds me of my awesome trip to Belize a couple years ago, I dunno, but those things are cool!  They had monkeys, tortoises, lemurs and elephants too!  Well, they SAY they had elephants, I only saw one and I would have to think those don't hide easily!  

But the best part of the zoo were the kangaroos!  Now I am not obsessed with kangaroos like some other very sexy girl I know but they were VERY cute!  One cracked me up - he was laying, flat on his back, all sprawled out - not exactly what I expect to see when I picture a kangaroo!  LOL

That was my adventure for today, but now I've gotta run - BIG party tonight I have to attend - should be cool though!  From what I hear through the grapevine, there are going to be some VERY cool things going on at the party!

Kisses ~ Kristine

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