Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Time!

When did summer hit? Just seems like a couple weeks ago it was cool outside! But in the last week or so, summer has hit us here in Florida and it is HOT! We're well into the 90's and of course the humidity is crazy! But ya know, I LOVE it! I don't mind the heat at all - if it gets too hot, I have lots of ways to cool down. *heehee

Pantyhose Pleasure posted on Dreamnet, so if you are a pantyhose lover - go check it out! I've shot some more pantyhose just past this weekend - just makes ya feel sexy! Especially fishnets! *wink So you will definitely be seeing some more of those pictures coming soon!

I love to hear your ideas, so please Email me and share your nasty thoughts - don't worry, I'm not an innocent - see if you can shock me! OH, speaking of shock - found a few more Gloryhole shots that you will be seeing soon too!

I'm headed north this weekend - going to visit some family that I've not seen in WAY too long! Can't wait, it is sure to be a blast! So if you see me in the airport be sure to say hello! Love to meet ya!



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