Friday, November 20, 2009


The weekend is finally here! Seems like it has taken a long time this week! I guess that's because I am headed up to the woods again this weekend and just wanted to be there already!
Last weekend in the woods was fun! It was opening morning on Saturday so I didn't really think I would get to shoot any pictures because I thought the hunters would be everywhere! BUT luckily I did! There was one hunter that happened upon us but he didn't seem to mind too much! In fact, he didn't mind at all!
It's kind of a funny story - but we had finished shooting and I was super horny so I just kept playing with my pussy until I came. My husband/photographer loves to watch me cum so he was hard and ready after watching and taking pictures! I knew he wouldn't mind if I crawled over to where he was and started sucking on his cock. I was right! But he wanted to feel my wet pussy wrapped around his cock so he put the tailgate down on the truck, bent me over and fucked me right there! That's when the other hunter came upon us - in the middle of the woods, pants down around our ankles and fucking like rabbits! Well by this time, neither one of us cared - we just wanted to fuck! So we just kept fucking! I came a couple more times and then turned around and started to lick my cream off his hard cock! Down on my knees in the dirt sucking a cock like a nasty slut! I think that threw him right over the edge so he filled my mouth with his hot yummy cum!
We both pulled our pants up, my husband said hello to the hunter - we got in the truck and went on our merry way! That poor guy was just standing there with his mouth hanging open and a bulge in his pants! Too bad he didn't ask for a little relief! I would've been more than happy to help a fella out! *wink
The moral to that story - if you see a girl getting fucked in an unusual area and would really like to get in on the action - be polite and respectful, but ASK! Ya just might get lucky and run across a slut like me!
So, I'm off to the woods again - might go back to the same spot and see if Mr. Hunter is thinking the same thing I am! heehee
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