Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oops! Vacation Blog!

Wow! Am I a little behind or what? I just realized I hadn't told you some of my mountain vacation adventures! Sorry it has taken me so long but here ya go!

One of the most awesome things I did while I was on vacation was go gem mining - I had done it years ago, mostly just for the kids but it was fun so thought I would try it again! And I had luck this time!

I found an amethyst that I got cut and polished into a gorgeous stone!
I haven't decided what piece of jewelry to make it into yet, so I haven't done anything with it but I will!

My first thought was a ring, but my husband said, "oh yeah, because you don't have enough amethyst rings!"

So then I thought of maybe a pendant, but thought to myself, "oh yeah, because I don't have enough amethyst pendants!" LOL

My guess is it will turn into a ring since that was my first thought, but ya never know! Hell, I might turn it into a charm to hang on my clit ring! Heehee

My moral to the story on this one: don't judge a rock by its cover! LOL

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz

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