Saturday, July 17, 2010

Playing like a Tourist!


Y'all know I live in Florida - which is obviously a huge destination for many vacationers, but since I live here I rarely do the "touristy" things! Last night, I decided to play like a tourist!

I went to one of the biggest tourist spots in this area! It is a boardwalk right along the water. There are shops, restaurants, bars, etc! Everything that attracts tourists!

First, I had dinner at one of the restaurants that overlooks the water. It was so relaxing to just watch the water, boats and people go by.

Then I walked around and looked at the little stores - there are a couple different types of tourist stores. One is the kind that has the tshirts and hats and coffee mugs, and of course, the silly things that the kids just HAVE to have to play with on the beach! And then there is the other kind - that has the shells and the pictures of the beach, the statues and the jewelry!

It was a great time - sometimes you just don't realize how much your own area has to offer until you look at it through the eyes of someone that has never seen it before!

Today (Saturday) is a super busy day for me! Playing on cam this morning and then shooting hot new pics and videos this afternoon for my site! That always makes for a great day!

Have a wonderful weekend! Don't behave! Do something fun!

Kisses ~ Kristine Cumz

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