Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Sometimes I feel like ALL you do is work, work, work! I feel so neglected and I get pouty, just like any other woman! But the big difference is I don't just sulk! I take matters into my own hands!

This is one of those times, I know you've been working late and you're tired, but I need some cock and I need it today!

I decide that I'm going to get one of your suits and dress up in it - but I decide it looks MUCH better without the pants! I've got my glasses on since I've been working all day (and because I know how much you love to splash your cum all over the lenses - hehehe) and decide that without pants, this suit definitely needs a garter belt and fishnet stockings with super high heel shoes to complete the outfit!

You call to tell me you're on your way and I set my plan in motion, grab my coat and meet you at the foot of the stairs wearing YOUR clothes!

At first you think it is cute and you laugh ... but when I start stripping out of my clothes in a slow sexy striptease you begin to realize I'm not joking!

I tell you to put your phone, your laptop, and your case down and stand at the bottom of the stairs and watch very closely - you do! And you begin to tell me exactly what you want me to do and exactly what you are going to do to me!

By the end of the night, I certainly don't feel neglected but don't think I won't take matters into my own hands again, if I have to! CLICK HERE!

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